KeepScore Baseball/Softball Scorebooks Announces First Edition in Time for Major League Championships

BEAVER FALLS, PA, September 22, 2013 – With the pennant races heating up on both the east and west coasts, KeepScore, a Beaver Falls, PA-based publisher and designer of sports and entertainment merchandise and equipment, has announced that it has published the first edition of the KeepScore Baseball/Softball Scorebook.

Printed in a 12” X 13” format, the expanded size of the scorebook accommodates 12 innings of play and 45 batting positions, thereby virtually eliminating the need for using more than one page per team when scoring a ballgame.

The scorebook also features a unique rolling pitch count system that allows for recording balls and strikes, the end of at-bats, the ends of innings and changes of pitchers.

“The KeepScore Baseball/Softball Scorebook is the most complete, most comprehensive and easiest-to-use scorebook available anywhere,” said KeepScore co-founder Kevin Lane. “It has more statistical categories and provides more detailed record-keeping for all levels of baseball and softball, from youth programs to the major leagues.”

Co-founder Tom Lane, the younger of the two founding Lane brothers, added that the scorebook also is ideal for coaches at all levels, including for youth leagues, high schools and university programs. “KeepScore also has had early interest from a number of professional teams,” said Lane. “Both the major and minor leagues are always looking for unique fan appreciation gifts or attendance promotions, other than the same old ubiquitous bobbleheads, which typically end up in garage sales or our nation’s landfills soon after they are given away.”

“In addition, KeepScore can customize the scorebook’s cover to feature a team’s and sponsor’s logos or brands,” said Lane. “We also can imprint the inside front cover to feature an organization’s history or sponsors’ advertisements. Coupon sheets are available options, as well. Aside from all the scorebook’s unique features inside, the customization options also are what differentiate it from all other scorebooks.”

The KeepScore Baseball/Softball Scorebook is available for purchase online at The Web site features an instructive how-to video that was narrated by Lanny Frattare, the voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1975 through 2008. The video, “Scoring With KeepScore Baseball/Softball Scorebooks” also can be found on YouTube.