Altoona Curve to Offer Custom Baseball Scorebooks by KeepScore

Nov. 17, 2022…KeepScore Baseball Scorebooks has announced that the Altoona Curve has purchased a quantity of 100 specially designed scorebooks with customized covers featuring the team’s logo, and the team intends to resell the special edition scorebooks in their team store, known as The Stockyard.

The scorebook also features a unique progressing pitch count not found in any other scorebook. In addition to the number of pitches, it allows a scorekeeper to document balls and strikes, changes of batters, changes of pitchers and changes of innings. Pitch counts have become extremely important, particularly in youth leagues, as they help protect young developing pitching arms from repetitive motion injuries.

The scorebook also contains larger graphics, larger score sheets, extra innings and more statistic categories, 

The Curve will promote the scorebooks as the perfect holiday gift for deserving fans, and individuals can get their copy now by visiting The Stockyard at

The Altoona Curve is a double-A minor league affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. More about KeepScore Baseball Scorebooks can be found at


More Comments from a KeepScore Fan

This is one of the best scorebooks I have encountered.  Three points below reflect why I love this scorebook.

  1. This is the only book I have encountered that has both a place to keep pitch counts, as well as a place to keep balls and strikes on the batter. All others have one or the other, but do not contain both. This is a great feature as it allows you to easily refer to the pitch count and the count on the batter at any time.
  2. The book has plenty of room for substitutions. This is something most books are very deficient in, but Keepscore contains plenty of extra slots for all the lineup changes. This is one of the best things about this book.
  3. This book contains more innings, than most other books. Unlike most other scorebooks, It is great not having to run out of innings when the game goes into extra innings. With most other books you will run out of innings after 10 innings and have to get creative like using the next page. With these books that issue occurs much less because of the additional innings.

Jeff Wonsiecki, Beaver Falls, PA

Pittsburgh Pirates’ Seasons Ending in 9

by Sam Reich

Recently I was talking to some people about some of my baseball memories, and I noticed something I had never considered about Pirates history. I became a Pirates fan in 1945. Except for1979, almost every season ending in 9 has been disappointing to say the least. Maybe every season. 

I particularly recall 1949, 1959, 1969, 1989 when there were reasons based on the results of the previous season for the team and fans to have pennant aspirations or expectations of strong contention. 1979 was one of our greatest seasons, but I cannot recall anything very favorable about the other post-1945 seasons ending in 9. (Before 1945, 1909 the best.) By the same reasoning, during my seasons of fandom, many seasons ending in 8 very promising for the future. 

Not profound observations, but the kinds of trivia sports fans often share.

Sam Reich is a former prosecutor, defense attorney and pioneer sports agent. Sam is the author of “Waiting for Cooperstown,” about baseball greats who deserve enshrinement. This post was reprised from his Facebook page, dated January 9, 2020, by permission.

Former Sports Agent on Salary Arbitrations

by Sam Reich

Baseball as a game and a business has been substantially affected by salary arbitrations, a process by which teams and players resolve salary disputes through an adjudicative process. This is the month when teams and players which have been unable to agree on contract terms exchange their salary figures. Hearings before impartial arbitrators will be held, if necessary, in February. 

Brings back memories of my years of presenting such cases, mainly for players, but twice for teams. Indulge me while I reminisce about some generally challenging and interesting times. My first case in 1979 involved our claim for $42,000 and a dispute over $8,000. Now, the minimum salary is in excess of $500,000

My Brother, Tom, who represented many players, formed an arbitration team of which I was a part. Bill James, the famous statistical pioneer was a consultant during our early years. What an asset he was for our group! How much I learned from him! Our side prevailed in some precedent- setting hearings, such as for Tim Raines and Ruben Sierra. 

When I represented teams late in my career, not so fortunate. Ryan Howard set some kind of SA record. 

Nolan Arenado is seeking $30M against a team offer of $24M. The discussion will focus on the mid-point of $27M. More or less. There is some precedent at player’s figure, but later settlements regarding free agents such as Machado and Harper may prove to be decisive. Always a hazard for both sides: submitting figures in January; later contracts to be resolved in February. 

Excuse the nostalgia. For some, the baseball salary season is as interesting as when the games are played. I prefer the games, but enjoyed my role in the salaries. Great people on both sides; skilled arbitrators. Above all, memories.

Sam Reich is a former prosecutor, defense attorney and pioneer sports agent. Sam is the author of “Waiting for Cooperstown,” about baseball greats who deserve enshrinement. This post was reprised from his Facebook page, dated January 12, 2019, by permission.

Let’s Hear It From New York

I was at a game last week and one fan sitting next to me was using the KeepScore book and I noted it was vastly superior to mine. I hunted you down on line and will definitely be back for my next one. 

I am extremely pleased with the best scorebook out there. (It is) the best one on the market.

Vincent Grabinsky, Forest Hills, NY

Comment From a Cleveland Indians Fan

Using my KeepScore scorebook is easy, comprehensive and fun! I still feel like I’m part of the action when I keep score in the stands or when watching the game on TV — just like I did when I was a kid when my dad would take me to Cleveland Indians games. My KeepScore scorebook helps to keep memories of my favorite games vivid over the years. Thanks for creating such a great scorekeeping tool!

Eddie Wodoslawsky, Cleveland, OH