More Comments from a KeepScore Fan

This is one of the best scorebooks I have encountered.  Three points below reflect why I love this scorebook.

  1. This is the only book I have encountered that has both a place to keep pitch counts, as well as a place to keep balls and strikes on the batter. All others have one or the other, but do not contain both. This is a great feature as it allows you to easily refer to the pitch count and the count on the batter at any time.
  2. The book has plenty of room for substitutions. This is something most books are very deficient in, but Keepscore contains plenty of extra slots for all the lineup changes. This is one of the best things about this book.
  3. This book contains more innings, than most other books. Unlike most other scorebooks, It is great not having to run out of innings when the game goes into extra innings. With most other books you will run out of innings after 10 innings and have to get creative like using the next page. With these books that issue occurs much less because of the additional innings.

Jeff Wonsiecki, Beaver Falls, PA